Offices distribution

Felles Photonic follows the  principle of close to customers and quicker service for users, the company  use the headquarters and distributed offices to cover business all of China.

•Tianjin office: Headquarter office, responsible for business in northern  China,
•Shanghai Office: Headquarter office for business in Shanghai and eastern China,
•Wuhan office: responsible for business in  central China  :
•Kunming office: responsible for business in western  China, organize VIP customers  to tour in Yunnan province, mainly responsible for  VIP customers’ leisure and tourism
•Hongkong  office: international trading business
•Shenzhen office: only provide aftersales service for VIP customer of Huawei Corp, FOXCONN, BYD Corp, Han's laser Corp.

  a glimpse of one of headquarter office in Tianjin

 office corner  of our e-commerce and  on-line service  department

Our traffic for business strips
Thanks to the country's well-developed high-speed rail network, our staff travel by rail as the first choice for travel, and can quickly arrive at the user site.