About Felles

Felles Photonic Instruments Limited is a leading supplier of imported optoelectronic precision instruments in China, a leading distributor and importer as well as service provider of sophisticated optoelectronic instruments and sophisticated photonic technology in China.
Felles Photonic Instruments  dedicates to import and sell optoelectronic instruments  made in  Europe, North America and Japan for Chinese customers with cutting-edge optical technology to promote the international advanced optical technology and photonics products In China.
Felles Photonic Instruments enjoy much reputuation due  to  its photonics specialty, efficient international trading skill, value-added service, it has been the reliable and effective business parter both for manufacturer and customers,the sales intelligence of photonics instruments.

Chinese Company brand  interpretation
孚: conviction,
光: optics
精 :precision
仪: instruments
Felles Photonic Instruments are convinced of photonics, committed to  business of photonic instruments.

Company value
proficient in photonics and optics,  server of science
Experienced laser and optical  engineers help users publish a program to confirm the application of optical instruments, to provide users with "comfortable, peace of mind" of the import experience.
To enrich the import operation experience and e-commerce management system, efficient communication with foreign manufacturers, to provide users with efficient equipment import and purchase services!

Unique operating characteristics
Felles Photonic Instruments specializes in providing precision instruments  based on optical, spectroscopic and laser technology, which are the leading areas of optical technology in Europe, North America and Japan. Most of the company's employees come from physics, semiconductor and bio photonics with extensive experience.

Complete type of optics
Covering the optical raw materials to the entire optical system of all optical industry chain products, including:
Laser materials and laser devices (covering electro-optical Q switches, laser mirrors, laser crystals, laser power meters, laser beam analyzers and all other laser science devices)
Laser micromachining system
Laser holographic technology system
Laser lithography equipment
Optical imaging equipment (high speed imaging, infrared thermal imaging, X-ray imaging)
Hyperspectral imaging system
AFM, SEM, SPM and other special optical microscopes
Optical analysis and detection equipments
Spectral instruments and radiation measuring instruments
Optical precision machinery
High voltage pulse driver power supply
X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and X-ray imaging
Services and applications field
Laser technology
Astronomy optics
High energy physics
Semiconductor and microelectronics
Solar photovoltaic industry
Biological photonics
Advanced manufacturing
new energy
Optical Communication
Customer groups
        Key universities in China

        Research Institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences System
Chinese state-owned enterprises and their research institutes
-tech enterprises
Foreign companies and Joint ventures

Efficient service
Headquartered in Shanghai, the Shanghai Free Trade Area and the Tianjin Free Trade Area with warehouses, the establishment of an international trading company in Hong Kong, with agents across the country, suppliers throughout the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia and other global precision instruments leading countries and regions.
The company benefited from the convenient international trade conditions in Hong Kong and the efficient import procedures of the Shanghai Free Trade Area and the Tianjin Free Trade Area, providing customers with efficient technical equipment import services and providing manufacturers with efficient export services.

Advanced mode of operation
Felles Photonic instrument is the representative of large number of foreign companies, on behalf of the above companies in China to provide marketing, business and technical services. The company adopte the international advanced technology companies operating mode, not only to ensure that Chinese users from foreign manufacturers to buy genuine products, but also to avoid the manufacturers set up representative offices in China alone a huge problem, manufacturers to this Saving to benefit the Chinese users, so as to achieve mutually beneficial win-win harmonious development effect.

Thoughtful customer service channels
The company has advanced online customer service system and google company's mailbox system and the national unified 400 customer service system, multi-channel to provide services for users. The company has a unique advantage in network service customers, all e-mail can be real-time check and quickly reply.
The company has a professional international trade staff and technical staff with, and quickly communicate with foreign production agencies, users quickly answer the questions
Flexible way to buy
Felles Photonic instrument has import companies in Tianjin and Shanghai. They have  the highest international trade qualification such as commodity inspection, customs declaration and import and export. They provide high quality and professional import service to help exporters / manufacturers to complete customs clearance service and delivery to User address.

The user's favor and trust
Our efficient service and quality and cheap products to win the majority of the favor and trust, a reputable cutting-edge products and service providers. Well-known domestic scientific research units many times from our company to order a variety of products. Such as:
Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
Xi'an Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences  http://english.hf.cas.cn/
Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Fujian Institute of Material Structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences
China Academy of Engineering Physics
Central China Optoelectronic Technology Research Institute
China Electronics Group Corporation 53
Tsinghua University
Beijing University
China University of Science and Technology
Harbin Institute of Technology
Shan Dong University
Wuhan University
Nankai University
Tianjin University
Brilliant development process - a model of high-tech products trade
The company brand from the early Eastern Europe and Germany imports of optical materials and equipment import services. The founding shareholders of the company visit  Czech Republic, Estonia, Romania, Belarus, Lithuania, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, and Germany, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Dresden and other technology power and strong city , The entire Europe, especially Eastern Europe and Germany, cutting-edge technology products and the quality of sophisticated instruments have a reliable grasp.
For a long time, Germany has a unique advantage in scientific research, technological innovation and instrument development. Germany's scientific instruments are known for its advanced technology and reliable quality. Fu Guangjing instrument early focus on the selection of German and Eastern European countries, reliable suppliers, to provide users with the first quality assurance. The company sent employees to the original factory for technical training, which have for the Far East users to provide fast and efficient technical service capabilities, this initiative won the users and manufacturers highly praised.
Therefore, the cause of Fu Guangjingji in the service of customers at the same time access to extraordinary development, rapid growth of advanced equipment for the scale of suppliers and technical service providers.
At present, Fu Guang Jing instrument has the product origin to the whole of Europe and the United States, formed in Europe and the United States as a source of supply of good situation. The imported products include:
Semiconductor and solar manufacturing equipment
Life science instruments and biological instruments
Chemical equipment and chemical equipment
Laboratory equipment and equipment
Industrial testing equipment
Covering the life sciences, biology, chemistry, solar, semiconductor and many other areas